Interest = Archaeology






Daily Post Entry: Interest



Archaeology has always been of interest to me. I find this field of study fascinating. Studying the remains of the past is like peeking into an old, old world that you never knew existed. Suddenly you become curious. What happened eons ago? What was it like to live in those ancient civilizations we only talk about in books? How did they disappear? Did they ever wonder about the future?

As a child I’ve always wanted to be an archaeologist. When I started applying for college, I put archaeology as my first choice of study. But my father didn’t agree with it. He wanted me to pursue medicine. So I took up an allied health course in preparation for a medical degree. But circumstances changed halfway and the things he wanted to happen, didn’t.

And I was left in the middle of the crossroads….with a heart full of dreams…..and a suitcase full of realities.



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